RFID cards

RFID cards

RFID cards

Instead of contact pads, contactless smart cards use an embedded antenna that is attached to the chip to transfer information stored in the chip’s memory to a remote computer. New information is written into the chip in the same way.

Contactless smart cards are used in many of the same applications as contact smart cards, especially where the added convenience and speed of not having to insert the card into a reader is desirable. There is a growing acceptance of this type of card for both physical and logical access control applications. Student identification, electronic passport, vending, parking and tolls are common applications for contactless cards.

The following chip types are used widely in Europe and are available from Kaardiekspert LTD:

Low-frequency data and energy transmission
EM 4102/01, EM4102/0F, EM 4550
Hitag1, Hitag2, HitagS
Temic 5557
HID Prox, Cotag and others on request
High-frequency data and energy transmission, 13.56 MHz
LEGIC prime, LEGIC advant (128 Bytes to 2 Kbytes)
iCode1, SLI, HID iClass and others on request
Ultra-high-frequency data and energy transmission, 968 MHz
EM 4222/4223
Philips UCode HSL/EPC
EM 4442/4444 and others on request

Card can be white, numbered, pre- printed in offset, personelized with thermal tranfer print, with HiCo / LoCo magnetic stripe, with re writteble overlay

We are offering also different type of RFID products.

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