Loyalty- giftcard system

Loyalty- giftcard system

Loyalty- and giftcard system

Loyalty- and giftcard system

Take your customer engagement The Smart to a whole new level!


Increase your add-on sales.

Use interactive digital signage to increase add-on sales.

Promote the brand and build a brand identity. Deliver important message to a customer.


Turn your customer visits into conversations

Be in constant dialogue with your customer by converting visits into conversations.

Keep in touch with your customer and retarget customer to online channel.


Focus on customer feedback

Monitor customer feedback and see what is working in real-time.

Turn customer feedback into conversation with a customer.

Solve issues by offering coupons or rewards.


Enrich your point of sale system (POS)

Display receipt info on high quality touchscreen.

Sign-up loyal customers and ensure validity of emails and contact information automatically.

Achieve omni-channel business model by signing up customer to all channels at the store.


Omni-channel – Build customer journey

Increase sales by crossing channels and keeping constant contact with a customer.

Issue coupons in media and retarget customers to in-store channel.

Retarget customer to online channel to increase add-on sales.


Omni-channel experience

Improve customer experience by binding customer in-store visits with omni-channel loyalty and rewards programs.

Authenticate customers and apply rewards by mobile phones or contactless cards.


The only limit is your imagination

Develop and run an app to support your unique use case.

Endless possibilities of engaging your customers by using features like contactless/beacons, integration with mobile apps and many more.


Future proof hardware

Adapt to the ways consumers want to interact with your brand.

Prepare for the next generation of retail by implementing technologies like NFC, QR codes and Bluetooth/Beacons.


Terminal main features:

  • Customers feedback
  • Display advertisements
  • Display receipt info, bonus points and gift card value
  • Collecting bonus points and using them
  • New customer registration, collecting customer contact info
  • RFID loyalty and giftcards